Classic Massages

They have soothing and harmonizing effects in their relaxing form. The effects in  case of a more intense deep tissue massage, are more regenerative and therapeutic.


TuiNa Massages

It is a Chinese Therapeutic Massage without the use of oil. It is used not only for musculoskeletal problems but also for a wide range of other health problems by stimulating pressure points and energy pathways.



The ear represents a reflex microsystem containing the possibility of stimulation of all parts of the human body. With the help of seeds and magnetic balls, longer-lasting effect is achieved.



It belongs to the techniques of Chinese Medicine enabling the regulation of energy and bodily functions by applying pressure to individual points of the human body.


Cupping Therapy

It stimulates the flow of energy and helps to jump-start self-healing processes with the help of cupps and suction.



A change in lifestyle is essential for the effective management of most health problems.



Therapeutic Massage

It is recommended for:

-problems of the musculoskeletal system

-by limited mobility

-rehabilitation after illnesses

-chronic diseases

-rheumatic problems

-for painful conditions

-women problems

-for fatigue and sleep disorders

-by stress, depression

-psychosomatic disorders

-digestive problems

-breathing problems

Relaxation Massage

-it has a positive effect on the psyche

-relieves stress

-helps prevent fatigue

-supports vitality and concentration

-reduces muscle tension

-relieves pain

– improves the quality of sleep

-helps blood circulation

-helps prevent civilization diseases



It is used in a wide range of indications. It is especially useful for:

-alleviation of pain

-calming the mind

-treatment of allergies and infectious diseases

-regulation of endocrine system disorders

-treatment of chronic diseases and functional disorders

It is used as an equivalent of acupuncture in Chinese Medicine. It is valued for its long-term effect.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

-offers a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic methods

-uses age-proven knowledge to start self-healing processes in the human body

-restores balance to internal systems by working with the energy of the meridian paths

-naturally helps with chronic problems without side effects